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San Giovanni, Calvello

Looking for a unique holiday home in Southern Italy to invest in? Look no further than Calvello, located in the province of Potenza.

Enjoy the ultimate holiday in this spectacular 4-floor home, tucked away in the region of Basilicata. Enjoy the fresh air, delicious Italian cuisine, and priceless moments at this vocational house, situated in the center of a peaceful town.

Asking price: €200,000

Located about 40 km south of Potenza, immersed in the midst of beech wood forests, lays the town of Calvello. Situated near the stunning Volturino mountain and surrounded by the majestic Pollino National Park, Calvello has sulphurous water springs and offers unparalleled natural beauty and a variety of outdoor activities. Hit the slopes in the nearby Sellata ski resort, go on the climbing routes on the Volturino, enjoy a hike on Monte di Viggiano or on the Arioso, enjoy the stunning views of Piana del Lago and Fontana del Brecce, or simply stroll through the charming town center.

Calvello is also rich in local history and culture, with numerous historic buildings, including 13 churches with remarkable artistic heritage. A definite must is the traditional festivals throughout the year. Experience the authentic Italian lifestyle by attending events such as the annual “Sagra del Formaggio” or “Festa della Madonna delle Grazie”.

All of this can be enjoyed from your very own property in Calvello. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of this enchanting town and all it has to offer. Contact us today to learn more.

Property features

A unique 4-floor family home is now available on the market in the center of the town. Originally built in the 1980s and completely refurbished in 2006.

The house has a total area of 325 sqm.

It consists of 3 levels and a partially finished area of 103 sqm on the 4th level.

Level -1 has large ceilings and is 32 sqm.

Level 0 and Level 1 have a total area of 190 sqm combined.

Level 0 has 4 large rooms and 1 smaller room. It is categorized as A/3. There is a large kitchen, toilet, living room, lunch room and a spacious corridor.

Level 1 consists of 5 rooms and 1 smaller room. It is categorized as A/2. There is 1 bathroom, 3 bedrooms and 1 office. All rooms have their own balconies overlooking the town.

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